Smith Apiary

Collected by the Smith's bees along Joiner Brook in Bolton, Vermont. Our best guess is that our early honey contains primarily clover, raspberry and knapweed nectar. And that our late honey is primarily nectar from goldenrod and Japanese knotweed.

Our honey is 100% pure, raw, Vermont wild mountain honey. The only processing is straining, so it retains all the pollen, enzymes, and... flavor. Wait, what's "wild mountain honey", it's a Steve Miller Band reference [YouTube]. (It's really wild flower honey collected on a mountain side in the Green Mountains of Vermont)

Each batch of honey is tested for moisture content. Every batch is 18.5% or less (usually another percent less) moisture content, and it should keep indefinitely [Smithsonian].

It ships from our door to yours via flat-rate priority shipping from the USPS, we wish shipping was less expensive, but, alas... It's honey in glass jars.

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Uncapped honey, ready for extraction.

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1 pound jars of honey, freshly jarred.

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Uncap. Extract. Strain. No other processing is done to the honey.


1 lb Smith Apiary Honey
$10.00 / lb + $13.50 shipping
$23.50 total.
2 lbs Smith Apiary Honey
$10.00 / lb + $13.50 shipping
$33.50 total.
4 lbs Smith Apiary Honey
$10.00 / lb + $13.50 shipping
$53.50 total.
8 lbs Smith Apiary Honey
$10.00 / lb + $19.00 shipping
$99.00 total.


Unfortunately shipping isn't the greatest prices since it's just retail USPS shipping. We've chosen to use USPS Flat Rate Priority shipping to keep it simple and the cost at least predictable. In short, there's two box sizes that I can fit the honey into, up to 4 lbs for $13.50 and 5-9 lbs for $19.00. (As a contrast in other options a 1lb package sent 'retail ground' via USPS is $17 to ship from Vermont to the west coast.)


There's three ways to order:

There are three ways to order -- primarily, here using PayPal. I recommend this as the easiest way -- and these days you don't need to sign up for PayPal to use it, you can just enter your credit card and not sign up, it's not any different than using any other website checkout.

Otherwise, if you'd rather not use paypal, get the price from here and either: 1. Send me the money with venmo mentioning what you're ordering (e.g. how many lbs), or 2. Write me a check and mail to the address above.